• Happy New year 2023

    Happy New year 2023

    2023 year is the Year of Guimao Rabbit. The so-called “Guimao” is a way of counting the years in the Ganzhi Calendar. The old ancestor matched the ten heavenly stems with the twelve earthly branches in order, with the heavenly stems first and the earthly branches second. In this way, ...
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  • Merry Christmas and Happy New year

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year

    Christmas is coming soon, it’s get ready for Christmas holiday, sincerely wish all oversea customers: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023, with all good wishes for a brilliant and happy Christmas season. Hope things are going all right with you. Santa Claus is a figure in western myths and l...
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  • Fishing Gear Bag Introduction

    Fishing Gear Bag Introduction

    As the name implies, fishing gear bag is a bag for carrying fishing gear. The back is generally equipped with hand straps and braces, and the side is generally equipped with multiple side bags. Due to different uses, it mainly includes fresh water bags and sea water bags. Due to different loading...
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  • Foresee 2023 Foreign Environment

    Foresee 2023 Foreign Environment

    In the first three quarters of 2022, China’s foreign trade still showed a certain degree of resilience in the face of the triple pressure of “demand contraction, supply shock and weakening expectations”. Looking forward to 2023, China’s exports are expected to face down...
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  • The 132th.Canton Fair was open since 15th.Oct.2022

    The 132th.Canton Fair was open since 15th.Oct.2022

    With all customers’ expectations and all working pople’s hard effects of Chinese Foreign Department, the 132th.Canton Fair was open online successfully since 15th.Oct., 2022 to 15th.Mar.2023, our Canton website is, welco...
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  • Our factory entered the 132th.Canton Fair online

    Our factory entered the 132th.Canton Fair online

    Canton Fair’s full name is China Import & Export Fair since 1957, it lasted 65 years till now, website is:, welcome visit and get the required products and factory. Owning for the epidemic influenced again and again in China, so the 132th.Canton Fair would be he...
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  • Our factory has stable manufacturing ability and price

    Our factory has stable manufacturing ability and price

    After a long summer holiday in July and Aug.2022, we goes into Sep. –the beautiful autumn season, it’s the harvest season, cool and comfortable, we all enjoy it. Now our factory is in stable manufacturing ability, orders in good turnround to be placed one by one, and production in order to be arr...
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  • The busy summer holiday

    The busy summer holiday

    This 2022 year our factory is very busy, especially for the summer holiday, from the daytime to the night, we load the 20 foot/ 40GP/40HQ container one by one, every worker is working hard for every day, thanks for all product team people’s efforts to do good work!   From pattern-making, cutting...
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  • Fun of Hunting & Shooting

    Fun of Hunting & Shooting

    In the middle ages, one of the nobles’ favorite sports was to occasionally meet a few good friends to go hunting in the wild. For them, hunting can give them sufficient satisfaction. Different from other forms of sports, hunting looks more novel and challenging, which made the nobles at tha...
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  • Environmental Friendly Fabric

    Environmental Friendly Fabric

    The definition of environmentally friendly fabrics is very broad, which is also due to the universality of the definition of fabrics. Generally, environmental friendly fabrics can be considered as low-carbon, energy-saving, naturally free of harmful substances, environmentally friendly and recycl...
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